Wednesday, December 31, 2008


31 Dec...

31% discount for Baskin Robbins?
huh...time flies here
it is the last day in 2008
i cant actually recall all the things that happend in 2008
i m sure everyone are going countdown, celebrate the new year eve
my sis & me are follow our parents go to Uncle Teow's house
the whole way we heading to Damansara is JAM enough!
as i know, my dad hates that stucked in traffic jam
so, that is why his temper is going hot...shhh~
anyway, we reached there and hv our BbQ
x'mas eve bbQ, new year eve too!
too many BBQ party i hv attended in this year
hohoho...this time was nice!
we hv lamb, salmon, chicken wings....
the 1st time I din saw a hot dog during the BBQ!
^^here the garden of their house
i love it!
those of them playing cards, mahjong, chatting
me and my sis just sit there & watching "the gem of life"
hohoho...coz we dunno siew li's frens& her sis's frenz
so sorry coz we dare nt to join them=="
quite scared of that^^ their lovely dog
she is so boring there...^^
since all of them are busy
12am!!!! 1st of JANUARY 2009
we hv a count down at home
BOOM ~ BOOM~ BOOMmm~~~~~~~~
the fireworks is starting and we heard these sound
i think that was came from The Curve there
after that, JAM again when we head home
road block was set up there
luckily...they just block the motorcycle
coz....we hv took some alchohol...shhh~

live better than 2008


30 Dec

3of us hang out at morning for:
* sing K *
* cut the hair *

weiKiat and me
Sam with me
our room and meals....

after that, we walk around since both of us hv to wait for the hairstylist
so sorry coz i hv to leave early
coz i still hv to go 1Utama at night
reached home finally, and my parents are gardening there

the FENG NIAO (a bird) saw it?so small....
after take my shower, then head to wewe's house
and follow his car go to 1U
almost half year i din go there ady
huhh~=="still rmb the last day i went there was June
yeah...the GSC!wewe won the tickets again
what the contest bring alot happiness and sadness to me

our movie for today
not bad !!!! i like the story....
4stars out of 5stars i give!!!!
this is my DINNER...saw the fingers?
wanna chop it?HOHO^^
1901 hotdog
that WEWE keep trying to frighten me..
hoho...unluckily, i m nt a mouse..
ngek ngek ngek
after the movie, we head home
suddenly that wewe said hungry too!
we look for Hon, since we just pass by there
we pick him up and head to Nathan's!
long time i heard this Mamak ady
at last, i VISIT there...
the Naan Cheese is so CHEESY!
i Cheese
i admit...i m fatty!hohoho
c c these 2 buddies!!!
***act Fun***
no choice for this pic
that "ppl" ask me delete and dun upload here last i din show ur whole face
tak kira de loo!
hehehehe....i hv edit ur face with QQ stuff ppl will knw one...
DON'T KILL ME in college yo...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


really SIAO when facing all of these!
as ur guys know, the CNY is coming soon
that is why the whole day i stay at home
and helping my bro clean up his room...
never realized that so many reference books been kept inside there
i did spent more than 10hours to throw out all these books =="
and some of that we just give to my cousin....

frankly said, i HATE science stream!!!!muahahhaha^^

i found these out...
FOLIO*something like assignments as we did in college's life

u know....all is hand-made PRODUCT!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Farewell to MinYi

going to say bye bye to dear soon....
----min yi----
she will going to UK for further studies in few more days...
Staffordshire University
she is a nice gal that i meet
thank u so much for helping us during the SUFFERED days
and i m glad to know with u...clubbing together...
share the stories with u
and thank u for helping me during the times niaa^^
hope u will come back to Malaysia soon...
we R waiting for u yo!
especially the ONLY ONE here!!!
muahahhaha....u should know who rite...=="
rmb eat more there, and do take k urself there yo!
next time we hv to chat through the msn...
only can see u through webcam ady...
treasures the days we can spend together now ya^^
welcome U back!!!muacksss^^

27 Dec 2008
we are attending to Uncle Teo's company annual dinner
on da way to Honda Service Center, USJ....
*my "another" face*muahahhaa^^
*my sis with me*

we had our dinner...enjoy the performances+the super loud music...
we met up again there after the July
she is Xiao Li, the yougest among in her family
we camwhore there="= first time we snapped together^^
*xiao li with me*

*chocholate*? (the mirror she gave us) thank u!
*drink abit only* the can is special nehh...

* crazy camwhore again with my sister *

Saturday, December 27, 2008

26-27th December 2008
my ah Yi + Yi zheongmy sister
my naughty cousin
his 2nd bro!
having dinner at Nihon Kai Restaurant
it is a japanese food restaurant
located at Old Klang Road
which my YI ZHEONG & me celebrated our birthday i last year'07
lots of memories there too niaa....
**this is my SET...really NicE yo** the meals we ordered!
wao wao wao...
eat till damn full...
after that, we head to Pavilion
yeah..after hv a HEAVY dinner
must do some exercise right?
in the parking
----we saw this---
the BMW's door is opened
we guess the careless driver forgot to lock the car
and somebody did open it
we just inform the security guards there
since nothing else we can do other than that ady...
and we leave around 10pm+
my sis drop me to Station One, TmnMutiara
our FREN- REAGAN's birthday
27th Dec 2008


with his Q's reagan

so many times thank you he said to us unstoppedly lerr
until me also know how to repeat there
anyway...wish ur dreams come true yo!
dont thank u me again loo
too many u THANKS that day ady...hoho^^
25 December 2008

to everyone
hoho..being so late only update my blog tim.....
wish all of my dearest frens live happily yoo!
i think this year was the lonely x'mas for me
even my TAMAN here got celebrate the xmas party
unluckily, it was a rainny day..haiz!
i just hv some meals and stay at home
JAGA my home...
since that day the fuis got some problem there
i'm damn worried it happend again lerr~
many frenz hang out today...!!!
just stay at home and doing this!
saw my CANTIK CANTIK F . A. C . E?
new makeup!
my pretty aunty did help me "makeup" with this CANTIK face
with the Theme: SNOWing ="=swt!
frankly said....shhhh...that was
my pimples la