Thursday, December 31, 2009


almost 1month i didnt update my bloggie!!!
sorry bloggie!!!

2009 is going to end soon
let's welcoming 2010 ♥

what a busy year that i hv...
being busy for studies, attend for frens' 21st birthday bash, work for money, sicked....
finally it is ended after 11:59pm ; 30/12/2009

12:00am ; 1/1/2010
it is a brand new start

HAPPY NEW YEAR my frenzzzz!!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Market Gal aka Ryen's Burdae!

go to Sunway Piramid with my sis today
for Ryen Tan Ci Ling's 19th Birthday!
just 3 of us sitting in the Gasoline....
eat...camwhore...n blowing candle~
sorry for late update ur post!!! lol
* Market gal's Cake *
* make wishesss *
* me , Ryen, fui Meng *
* oppss...she get a free drink from Gasoline *
* my sis & ryen *
* the cake we bought for her *
* Cake cutting session!!! *
* camwhore in toilet again *
* Ryen with me *
yeahhh...the card we made for her...
full of the photos..
from the day we know each other....
HAPPY mou?ahahhahha~
* my sis with me *
CIAO after that~

Working time!!!
24 Oct 2009
Pandora Saga Tournament @ Asia Cafe

while waiting.... then BS asked me change the another new uniform!!!
after reached...
get to know new partner- Li Shan
then start our work- recruitment!
then the competition aka WAR is started!
finally....the Vampire team is won!!!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

11 ♥ 26

Shuet Yee
I will upload a full session about 1126 soon!
thanks for all my buddies on that day
n the other days celebration with me yea!!!
thanks thanks thanksss!!!!
Muacksss to u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


wat the hell again!!!!
my car kena scatched by the LCLY uncle with his stupid key!!!!!
the stupid uncle with his lcly face!!!
walao ehh....when I recall back his face expression....
I really lost control now!!!!!
I wanna sai huei liong kuen !!!
yat pa beii huei seiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
driver 4470- saga tuuuuu.....
better dun let me meet ur stupid car again !!!!!!!!
deng u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

21 Oct 2009

Venue: Neway@ cheras plaza & KLCC

early morningggg
sing k again with tengwee...
I m so sleepy!!!
he called me while i m still dreamingggg...
!my breakfast!
after that, head to KLCC for ice-cream!!!
n finally I bought this from Aesop!!!!
AMA@ joyce recommend this to me !!!
it is very nice to use!!!
strongly recommend!!!!


APIIT day!

after the 1st class today, go to APIIT building looking for ah C n Joyce
and we are get involved into this survey for the outsider students...
they are having a body analysis with us before we start to answer the questionnaires!!!
damn alot of questions they do!
after that, we get the Oat n milk as gift...
* ah G *
* ah C *
* me *
nite time, finally I bought my new bed sheet & comfortable~
Bizzy Body Roadshow @ Jusco Cheras Maluri
16- 18 Oct 2009

work for bizzybody again
this time the partner is - miki
The next day partner is - nicole!
16 Oct
having a celebration for Eileen's 22th birthday!
after my work, I head to her party @ Old Klang Road
we are having a dinner at a japanese restaurant~
it is so nice!!!
* here we are!!! the gals *
* the boys *
* eileen with me *
sorry coz cant join ur guys for 2nd round...
due to the next day gonna work in morning shift=="
happy birthday to you!!!!
~big ears eileen~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sushi King

15 Oct 2009

it's the sushi king promotion again!!!
cost RM2/plate!!!!!!!!
tengwee, hugo, sam, victor n me
after class & work head to
Sushi King @ Leisure Mall
specially thanks for Ebel's membership card!
without her card, we couldnt attend for this promotion!
alot of ppl Q+ing there...
we wait for 40min+ n get our turn!
ahahhaa...see!!!! we sekali gus take these!!!
the table is full!
* TengWee*
* Hugo *
* Victor *
* ME!!! *
suddenly itu kwl called me
n said:" sik gam dor, fei sei nei argh! "
ishhhh....celakaa niiiiiii!!!!
i knw he is just nearby here or sitting inside too!!!
thus I'm looking around there...
I saw him & jason!!!
they are outside!!!
pitynyaaa~~~~long Q to get their turn!!!
* end up with our FULL stomach *

^^ satisfied ^^

Friday, October 30, 2009

Bangkok + Pattaya 4D3N

huh~~~finally upload these photos here...
yea...having my family trip to Thailand during 5 Oct- 8 Oct
it was a nice trip!!!
I get to knw new frenz thru the trip!
oppss.... i like Bangkok so muchhhh!
it is really a shopping paradise for us in this age...
However...the most dissapointed thing is...
but I must go there again once I m free! lolx
and I wanna try the Pork Burger out!!!
the luggage that we bring to there..
*my sis with me*
* waiting for taxi to airport *

* our breakfast @ lcct *

* the cash that we bring over there *

* while waiting for flight @ Lcct *
* my sis *

* keep camwhore all the time * =="

* finally we get into the flight!!! *here the malaysia's view from top

* fill up the form that they distribute to us *

*** yuuuu huuuuUuUu`~~~` *
here is Thailand view!!!

reached the airport...n waiting for the luggage sending to us!

* move move movee....*

* baiyoke sky *

after we meet our tour guide, then he send us to Hotel for check in
here is the hotel that we stay in the 1st nite @ bangkok!

* Bangkok Palace *
after we settle all the things....we head to Pratunam!!!
looking for lunch!!!
yea...this is it!!!!
a Nice stall that selling wantan mee!!!
it is so delicious u know!!!
my dad went to this stall b4, now he is going to bring us go for a try on it!!!!
u will never feel regret being so far come to this food!!!!


* wantan mee that I mentioned *

* pork *

* the FIRST rice that i try in Bangkok *


yeye..if u went there, u must try the mango too!
it is different with msia 1...
yea...after eat...we head to this building!!!
i'd do my research before that!!!
it is Platinium Mall!!!
pheww`~~~~ u cant even finished walk in 1 day u know!
too big!!!!! n alot of clothes, shoes, accessories n etc.
we shop inside with rushing time...
Opss...really hope i could stay longer time there u know!!!!

due to join the tour trip there...we gonna RUSH for dinner by ourselves!
since we are late!...=="

after the dinner, we go back to Hotel...n start camwhoring inside the room!
* my sis, my bro n me *

afterwards....we are headng to SUAM LUM market..
haizzz...there is nothing can shopping there u know..
all so so so expensive n all same stalls...
huhhh...tat's why we walked for awhile n leave!

n we heading to next station

here is it~~~we hv our Supper there...
those seafood & tomyum so so so nice!
especially the chilisss...I like it so much!!!
n we get into this restaurant...
I saw this restaurant b4 Tv...lolx

yea....we order alot of foods & beersss!!!!

gain my weight !!!!

the next day, we take the boats ship around the river...

* suddenly, they are shipping to us- main purpose - selling their products *

we brought the bread for ........


n this orkid is for Buddha~~~~
here the next station we visit to...

next..... four face buddha in thailand...
the most famous place in Bangkok

next station- Souvenir Shop!
we found this lil prawn!!! so Q~
lolx...i catch this creature during my childhood!!!

SEE...the McD there got McCafe!

* sarwarti kar~*

Lunch Time!!!
the largest restaurant!!!

** fuiyooo~~see the waiter wearing what?**

* lol...he required for snap pic with them! *

Heading to Pattaya after lunch...

Half way- we visit to TIGER ZOO!

* so Q rite? *

* piggy stay with their "mom" *
* crocodile show * - boring~
Hv you seen this banana in this shape before? lolx!

NEXT STATION------ALANGKAN----for culture performance

after get back to hotel--- start crazy again!

after rest, we head for AH GUA SHOW!

* the most pretty among them! *

* end *

having a Coconut with Sarang Burung at this restaurant!
700bhat per set!!!
but...not so nice also...=="

* shopping in Big C @ pattaya!!! only supermarket is open for 24hours jek==" *
* vitagen! *
* this is deliciousss!!! *
* mango rice *
after breakfast.....we hang out for BEACH!!!!

it's rainny day...sadness + worried!!!!
will the tsunami happend?lolx

lol..luckily it didnt rain heavily!!!
my hairrrr!! lolx...!!!!
after bath...we head for this place!!!!
* floating market@ pattaya *
Mango is so deliciouss!!!! n so sweet!
* our ROOM *messy horr...lolx=="
DInneR time!!!
oppss...I like tomyam so much!!!
after dinner- Massage Time!!!!
afterwards, send the tour mate who going this SHOW!
i wanna watch !!!! in next time pls!
n We go for shopping again for the last day in Pattaya
SEE!!! finally I get to find this shop!
tarbao KFC go back hotel for supper!!!!
* MAngo *
* SUPPER time !!!! *
The Next day = The last day in bangkok!!!
so sad!!! i leave thailand soon!!!
go for the safari !!!!
* dolphin show *
MY SUNGLASSES....dropped into this pond!!! ISHH!!!!!!
So sad...we leave them ritenow!!!
i miss bangkok so so so much u knw!!!
see ya guyss!!! do take k yo!!!!
* burger King Vs Pizza *
* this is nice *
* while waiting for flight....Facebook!!! *
SEE YOU SOON , Malaysia!!!!
* reached *
* end *