Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What is this for?

what i saw in TV that day
can you understand how the pain they suffered during the whole process?
they cleaning their FEETS...
changing their SHOES...
the 4seasons did make them suffered
the toes looked horrible when the camera zoom int on their feets
I'm not mean that....
I just wondered that how they going to make their feets so?
I cant even imagine the days that they passes by...
WE HAVE NO NEED to DO such things on our feets
hugo looked for me today
SAME....for Hair dye==''
i m Hair Stylist now!
after that, we had a
PIZZA HUT again...
twice in a week
my weight is getting on now=="
huhh....that hugo asked me go hv a lunch with him!
we asked sam join us
really FULL laaa...

...3 of us cant even finished the meal...

3 of us ★★★BIG nails VS SMALL nails
going home
saw this
careless lorry driver....stucked in...=="

dinner with family


I found that the curry,maggi goreng and the carrot can make this

*bla bla black sheep...* =)

i ♥ most
I've no class
but i hv to go APIIT for my bag
i saw this bag in the flea market at USJ
the gal told me that the supplier left only the 1 of the brown
that bag got some problem
luckily...it can be repaired!
thanks god!
since last time I miss the chance in buying the bag
I've suffered for long time
*my New BAG*

after that, i head to Ek's house
dye his hair again
before that...
Sam,Tw and me had a lunch together @LeisureMall
thank u yaa Tw!!!

is he CuTe?!!!
he is damn Q
sorry....coz at 1st sight, i thought he was a little gal=="
hahhaha...due to his HAIR style
actually i saw him in last year
that time he just still 3-4months in baby
i played with him while my sis helping his mom making the toes'nails

-Nevin & Ebel-
couple that selling the WU TAO GOU?!
hahaha...just kidding la!
thanks for treating us ya^^
after that, i follow them went to McD @ tmn conaught
u guess what i saw?
the insects
hate most
see what it is eating?
omg......never realized that.....
wanna be a mllionnaire?
hohoho....gayatri showed us with her country's money as we required!
wanna have a try in holding these amount???
^^ngek ngek ngekkk^^
who said she dislike the SMELL of tuna....
tim zi...
she is the big eater!
yum yum siu....??!
it is difficult to ask him sit properly there
and let me snap for the photo=="

the most cooperate member when i snapping
his POSE in previous or new post
muahahhaha....there might be same! with V
-Chriz & Faiz-
showing with their favourite
1 of our eater queen
but she din't take much in today
.our break time.
PIZZA HUT @ Sri Petaling

Faiz took for me
is me is me
ugly eating look=="

"Loong Kei Yuk Gon si yat si....

nei yat ding hou zhong yi~"

BA GUA from aunty

***thank you***


^^i drive in rain^^
*New Plants for Chinese New Year*
-old- Vs -new---------------------------------------------------------------------
was helping my parents again
got 2indian guys came to us and showed us with a TONG of honey
guys, it can cook the eggs till half boiled eggs
***he showed to us***
that's amazine!!!!
that guy who selling that said, only the REAL HONEY can cook the eggs
otherwise, he will pay us back the money!
forgot to snap the eggs' photo tim!
*honey that we bought*

Monday, January 26, 2009

81st Blessed Birthday

17 January 2009

attend my gu po tai (姑婆太)'s 81st birthday dinner
in chinese we said that is Dai Shou ( 大寿)
so we greet her with

" 福如东海, 寿比南山"
no more greet with HAPPY BIRTHDAY
well...we had our dinner at Hei Loi Tang, Pudu
after gave the LAI SI(angpau)
we walked inside and get our seat
.....look here and there....
i met Edsmund there
now only realized that we've a far relatives' relation!
while we are waiting
at the car park waiting for my uncle
my grandma & grandpa
my lovely dad & mummy dad's eldest Bro. my 大伯伯
after that....
the dinner begins with playing this slideshow
so touching...for me laa...=="
from teenagers to 81-year-old
this child so Q laaa weiii!
♥ lying on his mum's shoulder ♥ our MENU for today

before and after
it is so HIAO~hahahha^^

after get home
my sister with me...
we're Crazy again!!!hahhahaa
here we Are!!!