Thursday, November 27, 2008

finally I'm 20~

26th November 2008

Venue: RedBox, The Gardens
Members: Bobo,yokeSan,Summer,Mickey,UncleJ,SKL and me

thank you
for the cake and celebration...Touching...
they hide this cake under the table
since there is not allowed OUTSIDE FOOD
i really didn't realize about that
they sang the birthday song to me few times...
coz snapping around with this cake lo...
i spent a long time in shooting and almost forgot to wish + blow the candles
after that....we keep on camwhoring
here we are


yoke san with me
acting funny there =_="here they are^^
all sleeping=_="

after that, i went back to college
for my MORAL class choice...=*=
coz hv QUIZ that day...
so i drive back there and sms HON
c wat time he will be there~
dim zi....he said raining heavily...will come afterwards=="
is alright...i knw that is difficult for him...
wuwuwuwu....just stay ALONE in the LAB
luckily that frankie did reply my msg~
we just went to McD,TPM hv a drink and talk...
coz he still has next station to go after that...
around 7pm, he sent me back to college..
thank u ya^^for accompany me WASTING the time

i found the smile of them are SAME=_='izzit?

Last ROUND for my Birthday^^
venue: Look Up Point
members: hugo,tengWee,Victor,Sam,EngKhian,wanTing,SukHong,beiChee,yeeFoong,Kharkeong,SengKitand Me!finally...the Moral Class end....
yeahhh~~~and there will be my last round for this 1126!!!
i dropped my car at Sam's there
then followed Ek's car...
coz i'm damn scared to drive up that 90degrees HILL laaa..
rain dizziling that day=="
tengwee them hv reached there earlier than us...

thank you very much ya^^althought that was just a short celebration
thanks for the cake & birthday song yo^^

tengWee with me + the coconut
Victor with me (2+6)
Sam with me
vic,Tw,Ek and Me
hugo with me (thx for calling up them)

my 5Science1 classmate

on da way we head back...

beichee with me(suprised again of her look~)

finally....i m 20!!!!



thanks again to all my dearest frenz...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


24 November 2008
going to GILLY CAFE again
Purpose: celebrate for ChongKar + Shuetyee's birthday (1125&1126)
weikiat, engKhian, sam, Reagan, Hanjie, Joan, Esmond, kiatHoong, chongkar, me
chongkar came and fetch me up at nite
hoho....i was late to there...=_=~
then, start having our games + shooting+ chatting there
too much photos we took there...
and i didn't make up that day(wat a horrible face =.=)
just Post some of these~~~
my frenz...i will upload to facebook & friendster soon ya^^
my 1st cake
creamy nose
thank you for coming ya!!!
and all of urs wishes and presents ya!!!
ebel+ChunYik cant attend to party due to some personal reason
btw, that's ACCEPTABLE~hohoho~
hehe~~~thank you ya!!! love it so much ya^^
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chongkar (25th Nov)
25 November 2008
venue: WongKok, Pavilion
Members: seowShan,kianTong,esther,eeYee,kinki,wardy,wewe,eileen,Ooi,SweeFoong,Ken,Frankie,JungDng, JingHsien,Hon and me!
sorry ya all my dearest frenzzz!!!
coz i date ur guys at that time...
then i was the LATE COMER~
sorry sorry yaa^^
finally i reached there at 9sumthing~
my heart beat keeps PI BOK PI BOK...
due to.......
i FLY to there...rude way i drive all the way to pavilion
somemore rain heavily that time
after get down, just order the drink
then we all starting camwhore!!!
i think we had took at least 50+ photos...
most the photos at Ooi+esther's camera
just wait for them send me those photos
SUM KAP nyaaa~~~ (ngek ngek ngek)
guys pls let me know once u upload ya!!!!
here of these R frm my camera and frankie's hp
i will upload again once i get all the photos...
PAH LENG!!!!( my new nick?!)hoho^^
all the guys....gals geh stil not get frm esther+ooi's there=_="
jingHsien with me
seowShan...thx for taking the table for us! *>3
thank for coming + the dress!
when pay for the ticket, we camwhore again=_=~
after that, the next round - KINARA (kuchai lama)
seng + fai joined us there!
just 8 of us there...hehe....
so FUNNY laa....
see the act of Seng!
after that, i go home alone....
pass by a TOLL- 50cent!!!
i only have rm50 with me~~~~
i hv no coins with me la weiiiii +_+"
just pay the cashier with my rm50
she:" tak ada kecil?"
me:"sorry ya...tak ada oo...~"
then i keep looking for the coins in my car while she is counting the balance
luckily....i did found a 50cent
then she gv back the rm50 to me
luckily she is nice person....huhhh~
***thank you again to all of urs wishes + lovely present!
***thank you to my frenz who dropped me birthday msg in sms, blog, friendster and facebook ya!
*** wardy, when the "fresh Shit" u wanna give me ark?!

Monday, November 24, 2008


FRIDAY, 21 November

FINALLY....all is overed!!!
muahaha....i've finished all my paper!
MAP- the paper that we have no enough time for answer~
huhh...hope we still can get the marks frm Anite ya^^

I'm BacK!!!!!
to all my classmate ya!
hohoho...althought that is only just 1week "short" there
just enjoy with it!!!!^^
see u all soon~~~~

SATURDAY,22 November

hehe^^wat a crazy day for us at GENTING!!!!!!
suddenly they r suggested go to there
actually the main reason : EK looking for his FREN
since we all hv nothing to do, just follow his car!
the first time for me go up there at midnight with frenz!
here we R- Sam, Me, Reagan, EngKhian, chunYik
3.30am we reached there!!!
damn cold man!!!! i just wear a short jeans ( swt =_=" )
since i hv no time go home and change for it!
is okie..just borrow the jacket!
after park the car
-old town ( kitchen closed)
-starbucks ( closing when we reached there)
due to my fault!!! muahahha...
crazy shooting looo~!!!
yeahh...i m da worker!!!!
Reagan with his white lion!!!
cant put my head it laaa....
I also hope can snap with "it",
due to my height problem....
there's abit hard for me!!! muahahah~
I just only can snap with this white tiger! =''=
christmas is coming soon~
2 little small kids keep eating~~~~
yik wanna JIN NGOR PEI if all the shops r closed!
hahaha...coz he bring his laptop along~
and we have waste more the time in shooting...
luckily....the COFFEE BEAN is still "AVAILABLE"
we just get in and order....

cappucino: rm12 VS espresso: rm8 (size)

while i m shooting, they all doing own stuff!(hohoho~)
we sit till morning... 5am something...
we decided to go back at 6am
unluckily, the mist there is blocked all the way!
for safety purpose.... we just wait
while waiting....
my SICK came again!

here r that!!!!!

after while, we just head home-breakfast
all of us tired-nyaaa..
since 24 + hours i didn't sleep!!!!! (huhhh~~~)
anyway....that was a nice " TRIP " for me!!!!