Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Midvalley again!!!

It Is a Monday!!!!
accompany weiKiat to Midvalley
before that, we have to go Bangsar Village fetch Sam
I m INNOCENT at all....
since I could hv my rest at home today
I hv to go out with them bcoz of guiding weiKiat to bangsar...
since it's a MEGA SALES now!!!!
muahahhahaha..i can shop shoppppp....
and we have our lunch @ KimGary
and I meet LEE CHEN HAO at there...
at first...
we cant recognize each other as well
mightbe he'd get his weight up!!!
too enjoy kat Australia I think...
3 of us also order 石头饭!!!!!
waiting for it in a long time!!!!
hungry laaaaa weiiiiiiii!
* weiKiat * his meal which came first!!!

* SaM *
* finally it is MINE!!!! *
actually...I'm damn angry there
coz wait for a long time...
other than that
the bowl is too HoT....
all rice really bcum STONES right now...
damn hard to eat that!!!!
after 1hour , we'd finish that bowl of rice...
and we start walking around the MV...
we found there is a shooting for 8TV's programme
* I snapped few of these from upper floor *
* sam with me while waiting for WeiKiat *
while weiKiat is changing the clothes in fitting room
they come into that shop as well
how near I see them in front there
and I request for taking the photos with them!!!
* happy *
he is very handsome & she is pretty too!!!!

after get home....
my sis, my bro and me head to Gilly Tan Cafe @ Tmn Segar
coz Ryen aka ZiLing looking for us for yumcha today
take her stuffs that we helped her buy during the beauty fair...
...sorry for the lens....
* me. my sis . ziLing *
after get home...
i put my MASK on my dried face again
good night

Monday, July 20, 2009

IT Challege Competition 2009

work for Ai Play today
with my sis as well
9am to 7pm
and we are late....
so soooorrrryyyy~~~~
before we change the uniform in toilet...
* before start our work today *
* our Job task for today *
* the performance by the UCSI's student *
the blue shirt in the middle looked so funny!!!
all the student from Sekolah Menengah
all of them went for a test in other classroom...
while waiting them back from the test..
camwhore with my sis & our colleagues~
* my nail is sharp enuf with out boots!!! *
* Jason with me again * he is a Good Brother!
* my sis with me *
* Jason with Jef *
* 朱浩仁 come for today as well *
long time I never meet him up ady!!!
we know each other...
but not so familiar....
wish u all the best in your future yo!
* bang~~~~ *
* Vanessa .... Q nya this pic!!! * I this
* CASH? lolz...*
* we got nothing to do when they are listening to the talk *
* Lee with me *
Thanks for those Egg Tarts!!!!
damn nice!!!!!
he is a good boss laaa~~~~
* Steve, me , Lee *
finally the event is end!!!
and the emcee for today!
the schedule for today!!!!!
* our Lunch * =_=...
* the magnets of Ai Play *
after work...
I asked my sis send me to Tw's house
and we go for gym for the lastday~
im proud with myself...
* tengWee *
* me with my makeup==" *
after that...
we join Hugo, Sam & YF yumcha
at Midah Oldtown
there is a changes in Oldtown
the New Menu & the New Order Paper