Saturday, September 26, 2009

simply walk and found...

this...CANON EOS 500D
my target....DSLR!!!!!

but too expensive laa...cant affort to buy You home
and i saw this...dunno what brand is it!!!
handy camera !!!!
so scared that is a CHINA's zap ba lang product....
dare not to buy lehhh~~~~

and I bought another new number for myself...
purposely look for the last 4 digits
which is 1126 or 2611 or 6211
but all of that are not available...

why I buy a new number?lolx
my phone expired date is
23 Sept 2013!!!!!!!!!!!!
I m shocked when i see that!!!!

2013 !!!
still hv 4years to go!!!
pheww phewww~~~~~~


The Pink Bear with Flower

I bought it last TESCO...
forgot to camwhore for HIM yet!!!




having my lonely dinner @ Pizza Hut!!!!
1 of my saless......

10 Sept 2009
Sunway Piramid Again!!!!

hang out with Sam...
actually wanna go watch 杀人犯
but the time didnt match....
we watch GAMER!!!!!
damn high tech laaa....
in the movie they'd create!!!
not badd....
before that, we went for lunch @ Pasta Zanmai...
coz i miss the ice-cream there alot!!!!
that's why I keep asking him go there eat!!!
♥ i miss this so muchhh
while waiting.....
my ugly face without make up...
so YUK SUEN!!!==
we'd a walk in there....after that....
we go yumcha & dinner @ Cafe House , Pandan Indah
we asked Ebel to join ur along~~~
since it is nearby her house
and we share this--> fried rice!!!
when Ebel reached....
she showed us with her dotdot plaster!!!!
her fingers is injured!!!
caused by the cutter in her comestic bag!!!
opps....feel so pain!!!!!
pityyyyy gal~~~
after chitchat.....then we go home!!!!!

Pandora Saga Recruitment @ Klang
11 Sept 2009

recruitment in cyber cafe...
work for myrosso again
this time work together with Zi Ling!!!!
hehe...little market gal with me!
while breaktime...we'd our Bubble Milk Tea!!!!
***mine- chocolate, ziLing- Peach, BoonSuan- Tiramisu***
1st rank - Tiramisu
2nd rank- peach
3rd rank- Chocolate==...
ranked by them....
*boon suan*
finished work finally!!!!!
when get home...
i DIY on Li Huei's bday present that I wanna gv her in 2ml~~~~
here is it....
the drawing by myself on the box!!!!
and the Bling Bling stones that I stick 1 by 1...
I m 80% in satisfactionwith my result...
just abit rush in time...
♥ ♥ ♥
12 Sept 2009

The Next Day we work...
this time is Rawang area.....
first time i go there....
damn far away from the city lehh~~~
while rushing to another working place @ kepong...
we'd our lunch in car...
here my character in Pandora Saga
♥ snowfish ♥
our dinner time @ kepong
the meal that I order...
*Curry Laksa*
* zi ling's *
our desserts
*** durian pancake with mango sago ***
♥ ♥ ♥
♥ ♥ ♥
* boon Suan *
* Zi Ling *
* me *
head to Li Huei's 21st birthday party at her house after my work!!!!
all of them leave earlier...
except Tan Seow Shan!!!!
thanks for waiting for me!!!!
the cake in sweet~~~~♥ ♥
her Cupcakesss ♥
Li Huei with me....!!!!
sorry for late ya=="
TSS with me!!!!
I meet my primary sch mate there too!!!!
Jia Yu with me!!!
we know each other during standard 5....
what a small circle in our social life...
The Sweet Couples!!!!!
end up with her Forever Friend's bear bear
13 Sept 2009

wuuuuu~~~~last day for this week!!!!
somemore today is my house area!!!!
♥ ♥ ♥
before work....
dunno why MK called me this 糯米鸡!
ishhh @@
* MK *
* Boon Suan *
* zi Ling with me again!!! *
* finally we finished workkkk!!! *
and go to Uncle Seet's house...
coz it is his bday today!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY uncle seet!!!!
after sit while there...I go home and rest...
my dad suddenly called me &
asked me go Econsave for buying this!!!
I dunno how to pick the freshy 1....
I cucuk them when saw they are in OPEN mode..
* my totally damaged!!! *

14 Sept 2009
BAck To Apiit...

Joyce recomment this Mooncake is nice!!!!
so Q this mooncake...♥
compared to last time...
the design & the taste of those mooncake really changed alot...
those traditional mooncake is going be abandoned....
during the nite time dinner with family
i order 4 rolls...
it came with 4 sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
damn FULL i eat with these.....
14 Sept 2009
STUCKED IN TRAFFIC again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hate traffic jam laaa...
i stucked inside for half an hour long...
only waiting for the turn of traffic lights
from Alam Damai - Tasik Selatan!!!!
late to my class again==...
during the break time...
only 3 of us...
Joyce, Hon and Me
go to The Gardens- Redbox for sing K & lunch!!!!
Joyce with me!!!!
* hon with Joyce *
3 of us!!!

15 Sept 2009
Leisure Mall

decorations with creativc Tanglungs @ leisure mall
my sis with me
♥ ♥ ♥