Tuesday, August 25, 2009

PC Fair II,2009

Venue: Conference Hall, Hall 2, KLCC
Date: 31July-2Aug

being 1month I only upload these photos...
wonder how late & how outdated am I now
coz quite lazy & busy in these few weeks in my bloggie
still got alot of draftss....
pc fair again!!!
the 2nd time I work in pc fair
the 1st time was in April, work for AVF company
with honey - Summer
and this time for AiPlay online game
same as what I mentioned in older posts.
so stress when wearing without put on with a jacket!
keep on diet...finally...
not much result can see...
the 1st day, I follow weiKiat's car
damn jam along the way from leisure mall to tmn midah!!!
what a stupid roadblock set up there?
luckily...they even late than me!
Ryan aka ZiLing aka Market Gal with me
we work together again!!!
and today, we meet up with our another 3 new members!
they are Christine, Velvet and Angeline!!!!
1st impression for me..
they are so cool..
luckily they arent!
*** Here is our booth for today!!! *** damn corner side=="
thanks for editing this yo!!! market gal! >3
and we meet the mascot of CIB mall!!!!
* this was the Dec, 2008 CIB&CIMB clicks Roadshow @ LowYatPlaza photo *
the left was me!
Our Break Time @ Meals
* my ROJAK *
since I cant eat much!!! my tummy!!!



today is the 1st time I work with my 2 frenz...
they are
Jaycee & Tracy
my sis
also work with us today as well^^
thus..we all going in 1 car!!
thanks cha wei kiat!!!!
after change the uniform...
and we camwhore while...since still early
Jaycee with me!!!
she is my best fren during the primary school time!!!!
the first freelance job of her...lolxx...
1st time we work together!!!!
* Tracy with me *
finally we can said the "first Time" we work together!!!
I meet Pei Wen there too!!!
* me, Pei Wen, my sis *
* happy to see u there!!! *
her teammate!!!
* Joey with me *
she is gorgeous!!!
**** break time ****
Jaycee & Tracy
our meal!!!!
sharing together!!!!

LAST DAY!!!!!!

here is another primary school mate & college mate of me!!!!
kimmie Lo....
* she with me *
* jaycee with Kimmie * primary sch mate too^^
she also work at pc fair this time!!!!
finally we snap pic together!!!!!
almost end the job!!!!!
all AiPlay's galssss!!!!!!!!
♥ from left to right ♥
* Angeline, Jaycee, Tracy, Me, my sis, Ryen, Christine, Velvet *
* pei wen with me again *
* fui Meng with me *
* Kikyo with me *
she is my best buddy's cousin!!!
i knew that after end the Pc fair!!!
* Pandora Saga galss - Elaine & Grace *
finally we able to ask ppl help us snap GROUP photo!!!!
from Left to Right:
* PeiWen, Jaycee, FuiMeng, ShuetYee, Tracy,
Ryen, JingRou, Grace, Elaine, Joey *
♥ really happy to know u all there ♥
^3 ~♥
when walking to carpark from food court
and guess I saw who!!!!????
Shook Yee
we knew each other thru Friendster almost a year plus..
thanks for intro me for the 1st freelance job!!!
finally we camwhore this time!!!!
since we always said camwhore together
lolx...althought not much we snap for...
after the Pc Fair...
We head to Oldtown @ Tmn Midah
he will go to US in next week!!!!
for his further studies!!!
so admire u lehh!!!
u insisted to do what u want!
all da best for you ya..
- cedric mun seng kit -
hope to see u soon!!!!
do take k always there
here our photos on tat day!!!
* yee Foong *
Our Math, Physic, Chemical King!!!!
he is smart n hv a strong memorize skill!!!
thanks for teaching me last time ^^
* khar keong with him *
* Kit Yee * also just get back frm pc fair!
Our Secretary of Interact Club....
and she know the instrument-flute
* Elsie *
Our Interact Club Treasurer and
the most polite gal in SMK JSP!
* see Hoe with wan Ting *
* our B jie *
Our Ketua Tingkatan!!!! B jie yang ber-Power!
* See Hoe *
Our photographer in SMK JSP!!!!
thank u so much!!!
* Yuen Fatt *
the Red Apple in our class..
his face so fast get red when feel shy! =='
* Khar Keong *
our Penolong Ketua Pengawas!!! eat more laa u!!!
too thin laa!jealousnya!
* suk Hong *
the most big eyes in our class
and she is our SETIAUSAHA of Pengawas!!!!
* marcus * sukHong's bf!!!
hahaha....met him up in previous PC fair!!!
i didnt notice about him
only the last day I saw him when he called my name
" YAP POH LENG~~~~~~~~~~~~~"
* and me *
I was a Bendahari of Pengawas!!!
all call me DAI YII LONG!
my DINNER!!!!
*** all da best for u ***
* here we are...part of the 5 Science 1 *
finally I get home and rest!!!!
legs are damn pain and tired!
* my pass with me *
hence...we can walk all the ways in KLCC with it!!!!
* camwhore time with my sis @ room *
first time we work together in Pc fair!
she edited these all in one!!!
thanks yo!!!
no need upload so much!!!!
♥♥♥♥♥ crazy time ♥♥♥♥♥
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