Tuesday, April 28, 2009


we use to call him as BAK BAK GAO ( white dog )
since he is still a baby...
he ady loitering around my house area
i still rmb, around 3-4years ago....
before the 1st day of Chinese New Year
I heard some puppy's crying sound from my window
that time....the clock showed at 130am+
i use a mirror to check out what was going on
and I found HIM!!!!
he dropped into the drain
i quickly ran out and save him out...
i also dunno how can i do that during that time
since that drain is quite deep...
I shouted:"what a stupid puppy you are!!!!"

since that day
~he is always follow us~
that time HE is so CUTE u know
now become so OLD and full of scar
(coz he always fighting with other dogs i think)
once he get injuries or something else
he will come back and looking for my dad's help
luckily....He is still alive untill now!!!!
he is damn scared of the water
once we pointed him with the paip...(wanna gv him a shower)
he sure run away in short of 2minutes
he is "enjoying" with the "spa"

**** his stupid face expression during bathing ****
*** yeahh..my dad...who helping him clean up his dirty&smelly body ***
*** lazy until dunwan to stand up or sit properly ***=="

SOR SOR GAO (stupif dog)
WE all love u ya!!!!
don't always go fight utill get injured laa pleaseee........
damn worried about u!!!!!!!

Steamboat in the HOT day!?

long time we din steamboat at Yulek
and today..
ebel, nevin, sam & me
go there again....

almost finished eating
and we found this

saw the yellow thing inside the pic?
that is a Cebisan Telur that i put
for take a better pic looo..
*as what i'd expected, the ants are head to that egg*
* i like to observe them since i was in kindergarden *
*** yam cha session @ BRJ ****
let power rangers ( Teong, TTJ, G, kwl ) FFK

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Hang Out II

actually today gonna meet up with our another Siao Zha Po
- Tan Xiao Wei -
she is 1 of our classmate...
since she dumped us and fly back to Sabah
the time we meet become lesser n lesser =="
always seem like we cant meet her up
so many times ady she said gather...
this time also the same
we all hv no fate....
so...we decide change the yumcha place
they come to Leisure mall, Wong Kok
meet them up!!!!
* JinJie, ThiamLim, SKLeong *
that 2guys.....
i seldom meet them up since I leave tarc
here we are
* only the 6 person... *
* jinJie, me and 38 lou...(muahahha^^) *

then....they suggest go for Bak Kut Teh @ Jln Ipoh
SiaO *~*...
my mom hv cook today laaa weiii
after discussion
in the end...
i 'm follow them go out for dinner!!!!
before that...
they follow me go home change clothes & put my car
then we all 6 ppl in 1 car
head to
* FULLHOUSE @ Niu Che Sui *

*** thanks yo...mr.Hon for guiding us there ***
* i the colour of this pic *

* bobo & summer *
* Menu that we'd order *
*** yummy ***
* YoYoYo~~~ six WE are here *
Time To Leave....
♥ ♥ ♥ snap again ♥ ♥ ♥
*** BubYe. Minnie ***
after that...we head to Murni @ SS2
so sad....
Honey- yoke San
couldn't join us there
he join us there^^
yuhhuuuu...eat till damn FULL .....
reached home around 230am....
** thanks....for Mr SKL fetching all of us yoo **

Saturday, April 25, 2009


received 1 of the forward e-mail from my fren
damn funny when I reading this...
and recall back all what I've done during my childhood!!!
i think ur guys also hv tried this during ur childhood
♥ ~ just share with you all ~♥

FW: 放松一下,生活中18件傻傻的事情,你做过几件?

1、用手插入米缸的米里面插来插去/玩来玩去 ( yeah...I did...and catch the creatures which r inside there and kept them as my "pet" LOL )
2、地下有阶砖时,特意隔一格一格来走(不可走过界,要完全在格内( I DID! playing with my sis when holding my parent's hand..)
3、用镜面等反光物品反射阳光,照来照去 ( I DID! use my watch and play during the class time ...)
4、铺张纸在硬币上面,然后用铅笔在上面描,描个形出来 ( I DID!!!!)
5、吃完瑞士糖(Sugus)之后,将糖纸包回原本四四方方的形状出来 (hoho....not only SUGUS...bubble gum also^^ and cheat my sis...)
6、超级市场踩着购物车行走 ( i used to playing with it in supermarket...lalllalaaa~)
7、贴张写着“我是白痴”等等的纸条在同学的背后 ( Hoho..sure i did before!!!)
8、拍别人左边 站在别人右边 (errmm..i think got....)
9、踩别人的影子 ( hahahha!!! i like it & look at the shape of my shadow....stupid thing I did==")
10、丢别人门口的拖鞋下楼 (hahhaa...No !!i didnt!!!yuhuuu~~~finally got 1 i didnt do!!!)
11、下楼梯时坐在扶手上面滑下来 ( too dangerous!!! NO WAY! )
12、在电梯(Escalator)上往相反方向走 ( got...when I get my wrong way..++")
13、用萤光笔(Highlighter)油指甲 ( haha...got once i think...)
14、下雨用伞,总是故意地转那把伞 ( I ♥ it ~ lallalala~)
15、对着镜子学跳舞/演戏/唱歌 (.... during kindergarden counted?!)
16、在街上见到狗就扮猫叫,见到猫就扮狗吠 ( utill now...I also hv this kind of habit ==")
17、下雨的时候,拿起伞故意往雨大的地方走去 听雨啪啪的声音 感觉很爽 ( EN EN!!!! I did also!!!!)
18、玩家电包装里的那张有很多泡泡的塑料膜,把泡泡一个一个按破 ( sure I did!!!! somemore step on it ~)

我做过了16 件。

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hang Out I

It is a friday....
we hv no class....no class
so...we decide to GO OUT 'wet'
let's photos tell the story!!!!
First station: Sunway Piramid
Description: watch movie - COMING SOON with my classmate!
joyce, faiz, calvin & ah C....
we dump Hon!!!!(who ask him watch earlier than us...hoho)
damn scary about that face of CHABA!
huhhh....I get shocked....and shouted!!!!
not bad...
some parts are quite funny!!!
after movie....
* chriz, faiz, calvin *
* joyce & me *
after that...i meet my honeyzz
yoke san . Bobo . Summer
they said go Bangsar Village(second station)
outside there geh shoplot..
Time We Gather = Time We Crazy
* before head to carpark *
* Mirror is our *

Third Station : The Gardens & MidValley
Description: Go there meet up with JinJie and hv our dinner together...
we meet her inside the toilet=="
*bobo, me, jinJie and yokeSan *
* Pasta Zanmai *
bcoz Honey-yokeSan
need to rush back to Jaya33 and fetch her sis up!
so...we eat damn fast ....
without Image u know!!!!
luckily we sit nearby the corner side..
* the meals & desserts that we'd order *
muacks....>3 ♥ ♥ delicious ♥ ♥

Last Station : Gasoline, Look Up Point
Description : all of us gather again for yum cha session...
chriz fetch us up!!!!
so kesian lerr...
he & joyce havent eat!!!!
not healthy laaa like that!!!!
then we chat utill the Gasonline turn off their lights...
* Chriz yg sweat lot *
* Joy-C vs ah C *
* gay lou ignore ah suk * lol
* joyce with me *
* Cheers ~ ♥ ~ our drinks *
finally we go home