Friday, October 30, 2009

Bangkok + Pattaya 4D3N

huh~~~finally upload these photos here...
yea...having my family trip to Thailand during 5 Oct- 8 Oct
it was a nice trip!!!
I get to knw new frenz thru the trip!
oppss.... i like Bangkok so muchhhh!
it is really a shopping paradise for us in this age...
However...the most dissapointed thing is...
but I must go there again once I m free! lolx
and I wanna try the Pork Burger out!!!
the luggage that we bring to there..
*my sis with me*
* waiting for taxi to airport *

* our breakfast @ lcct *

* the cash that we bring over there *

* while waiting for flight @ Lcct *
* my sis *

* keep camwhore all the time * =="

* finally we get into the flight!!! *here the malaysia's view from top

* fill up the form that they distribute to us *

*** yuuuu huuuuUuUu`~~~` *
here is Thailand view!!!

reached the airport...n waiting for the luggage sending to us!

* move move movee....*

* baiyoke sky *

after we meet our tour guide, then he send us to Hotel for check in
here is the hotel that we stay in the 1st nite @ bangkok!

* Bangkok Palace *
after we settle all the things....we head to Pratunam!!!
looking for lunch!!!
yea...this is it!!!!
a Nice stall that selling wantan mee!!!
it is so delicious u know!!!
my dad went to this stall b4, now he is going to bring us go for a try on it!!!!
u will never feel regret being so far come to this food!!!!


* wantan mee that I mentioned *

* pork *

* the FIRST rice that i try in Bangkok *


yeye..if u went there, u must try the mango too!
it is different with msia 1...
yea...after eat...we head to this building!!!
i'd do my research before that!!!
it is Platinium Mall!!!
pheww`~~~~ u cant even finished walk in 1 day u know!
too big!!!!! n alot of clothes, shoes, accessories n etc.
we shop inside with rushing time...
Opss...really hope i could stay longer time there u know!!!!

due to join the tour trip there...we gonna RUSH for dinner by ourselves!
since we are late!...=="

after the dinner, we go back to Hotel...n start camwhoring inside the room!
* my sis, my bro n me *

afterwards....we are headng to SUAM LUM market..
haizzz...there is nothing can shopping there u know..
all so so so expensive n all same stalls...
huhhh...tat's why we walked for awhile n leave!

n we heading to next station

here is it~~~we hv our Supper there...
those seafood & tomyum so so so nice!
especially the chilisss...I like it so much!!!
n we get into this restaurant...
I saw this restaurant b4 Tv...lolx

yea....we order alot of foods & beersss!!!!

gain my weight !!!!

the next day, we take the boats ship around the river...

* suddenly, they are shipping to us- main purpose - selling their products *

we brought the bread for ........


n this orkid is for Buddha~~~~
here the next station we visit to...

next..... four face buddha in thailand...
the most famous place in Bangkok

next station- Souvenir Shop!
we found this lil prawn!!! so Q~
lolx...i catch this creature during my childhood!!!

SEE...the McD there got McCafe!

* sarwarti kar~*

Lunch Time!!!
the largest restaurant!!!

** fuiyooo~~see the waiter wearing what?**

* lol...he required for snap pic with them! *

Heading to Pattaya after lunch...

Half way- we visit to TIGER ZOO!

* so Q rite? *

* piggy stay with their "mom" *
* crocodile show * - boring~
Hv you seen this banana in this shape before? lolx!

NEXT STATION------ALANGKAN----for culture performance

after get back to hotel--- start crazy again!

after rest, we head for AH GUA SHOW!

* the most pretty among them! *

* end *

having a Coconut with Sarang Burung at this restaurant!
700bhat per set!!!
but...not so nice also...=="

* shopping in Big C @ pattaya!!! only supermarket is open for 24hours jek==" *
* vitagen! *
* this is deliciousss!!! *
* mango rice *
after breakfast.....we hang out for BEACH!!!!

it's rainny day...sadness + worried!!!!
will the tsunami happend?lolx

lol..luckily it didnt rain heavily!!!
my hairrrr!! lolx...!!!!
after bath...we head for this place!!!!
* floating market@ pattaya *
Mango is so deliciouss!!!! n so sweet!
* our ROOM *messy horr...lolx=="
DInneR time!!!
oppss...I like tomyam so much!!!
after dinner- Massage Time!!!!
afterwards, send the tour mate who going this SHOW!
i wanna watch !!!! in next time pls!
n We go for shopping again for the last day in Pattaya
SEE!!! finally I get to find this shop!
tarbao KFC go back hotel for supper!!!!
* MAngo *
* SUPPER time !!!! *
The Next day = The last day in bangkok!!!
so sad!!! i leave thailand soon!!!
go for the safari !!!!
* dolphin show *
MY SUNGLASSES....dropped into this pond!!! ISHH!!!!!!
So sad...we leave them ritenow!!!
i miss bangkok so so so much u knw!!!
see ya guyss!!! do take k yo!!!!
* burger King Vs Pizza *
* this is nice *
* while waiting for flight....Facebook!!! *
SEE YOU SOON , Malaysia!!!!
* reached *
* end *