Friday, October 31, 2008

early morning

hoho~~~~yesterday i slept before 2am! EARLY for me nehhh~
then i woke up at 6.30am....(sure not woke up by by a call)
damn early yo!!!
sure got purpose looohh~
yeye...Jogging with my auntie~
coz....i hv promise my auntie in yesterday...

huhhhh...that jogging park really big laa...><:swt
then i start with walking around there, then only RUN!!!!
hoho...damn tired >_<~
after that, we going to PASAR!!!(market)
the first time i go there since the pasar shifted from the old place
saw many uncles + aunties there....

not bad for this time!!!! hope my legs wont feel the pain in 2ml....><:::


yuhoooo~~~~today is the last class for this sem!
we all going back college for MAP class!
we have a QUIZ during the class
we are separated into 2 groups...
Chris + YL
hoho.....YL's group won that~~~~( i m 1 of the member in this group, ngek ngek n_n')

so HappY...coz....
i get 5 boxes from that Printing store there...
SHE is soooo ssoooooo sooooo Kindly!!!!TQ ^*^

thank you for 2 Chris ( ah C & hon) help ya!!!
hahaha...ah C so funny, he thought my car parked nearby the college...
then asked us drop him to his car (hill there)
tim zi.....
my car just nearby his car j...><"" paiseh yaaa^^

after that~ i followed Hon's car go to TARC "LEPAK" hoho...jk! he wants to get the letter frm admin there~ we go TBR eat...."LAW PAN MEE" (HUNGRY....><"')
then go DKABC(lecture hall) looking for my HoNeys!
2of us just stand outside and peep from the door there...
we DARE NOT walk inside laaarrrr....

suddenly....the door opened!!!! SHOCKED la me...
almost hit by the door...
saw Jonathan, UncleJ, TehOais came out there...
then UncleJ bring me go inside and look for Bobo them..Hon walked to SBS office loo...
ahhahah...quickly get my many ppl there...
if compared to APIIT now +_+''
we start chit chatting there~~~~~ (noisy betulnyaaaa~><")
hohohoho...met up with all my ex classmate!!!!yiPPi ^*^

there r listening to the lecturer...i m shooting...hoho^^

after that, going back APIIT take my car and head home....

Thursday, October 30, 2008

cont...29th Oct

huhh....last nite cant upload those photos here..
drive me no mood to write last nite
now coming coming~~~~

as i said in last post~
attend to the Moral class
nehhh....that Sui LION curse me!!!!><""
hoho....yeye~~~i was LATE to class
but the lecturer late than me!!! (ngek NgeK NgeK...)
Blehhhhh~ =p
moral class = drawing class

hahaha...these were me and hon geh....

after the class, we hv a Quiz.. i din study at all...
MCQ mahhh~~~hoho....nvm lo...

after get home, i hv my fried rice ( my dad tarbao for me)
at the same time, my sis + her frenz reached my house...
i help them set up those tables + chairs...
coz they're going to celebrate my sis birthday~

yuhuhhh~~~my JOBssss!!!!!
which is being a photographer and cut for the cake again!
coz my SKILLS too pro i think~
shoot until all get in sweat...=_=~
then we sing the b'day song, cut the cake...bla bla bla...
they're going to smash my sis's face with a cake(full with cream)
luckily that was not me!(hohoho~)
haha...i pretend nothing there, go in kitchen and ask my sis tooks out the earings...

chiang chiang chiang chiang~~~~
they did that!
and me.......hv to mop the floor afterwards.... .><''sob~
unluckily, my dad came out and said something to them...
all of them get into a piece of silence there... dad not a fierce man~dun be so scared!^^

i joined them!!!!hhahahah^^

after cleaned up all the things...
they're going home...
Thank you for cooperations in cleanning yeaahh~

after the whole tired "jobs"
is the time for me to "relax"
hohoho....hak har u all sin!!!!!

applying my mask.....*~*

look alike there???? ><""haha face ^*^ nice nice nicee
hoho~~~~early greeting for....

+> Happy Halloween!!!! <+

Wednesday, October 29, 2008



下雨天 了怎么办 我好想你
不敢打给你 我找不到原因
沉默的场景 做你的代替

一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪

怎样的雨 怎样的夜
天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴

其实 没有我你分不清那些
彻别 接近还能多一些

一个人撑伞 一个人擦泪

怎样的雨 怎样的夜
天要多黑 才能够有你的体贴

其实 没有我你分不清那些
彻别 接近还能多一些

this song is very nice!
i like the vocal of her!!!!
hehe^^i hv put this song in my profile
m.u.s.i.c ROCK!!!

is the time i go back APIIT><::: MORAL class again... from 645pm till 930pm...swt=_="

28 & 29 Oct

the day of a NEW "member" joined my family! + my sis have follow my parents to Sunway and "fetch him" back home
ooohhh....after we "fetch him" only realized there was something "abnormal"~
Huh...hope there is not a serious problem
hope "he" is FINE
finally....we hv cleaned up our room in the evening~^^
i hv throw a lot of RUBBISH there...*forgot to snap tim

Eric did msg me just now...Eric= my sis's bf
haha....we pakat together again...
coz....after 12am, 29th Oct---> my sis birthday!
2 of us hv no idea, since last year did the same thing~

then, he said he will come when my sis is taking her shower later (DEAL!!!)
then i pretend that i dont know anything there...^^
keep sweeping my room...
suddenly~ ZuuP ~~~~~ ><:::::
BLACK at all in my house electricity!!!! cause the TNB workers repair something outside...
huhhh...i just use my hp light to continue my work..
after 1omins...the eletricity is going back normal~huhhh~~~~

eric comes over after that....
he called me when he was reached my house
i never knew that he was bought a ice-cream...coz i wait a longer time only go downstairs open the door for him soorrrryyyy~~~~
make U wait for a long time...and the cake start melting there ><""

well~~~my sis came down frm upstairs...
and my "JOB" begins at the same time....
my sis:" me take photos~~~~"
hahha..yeah....being their photographer
this is wat i did usually~^^
*last year her birthday i also do the same "job" there

Chiccck cHacck~~~~~
i hv snapped a lot of memorable photos...haha....
after that....i get my "pay" too~~~~
a slice of Ice-cream cake!!!!yummy~~~~i lOVe It!!!!
thank you eric + my lovely sis!

* BR31 ice-cream cake *
seem hard to cut it in slice~~~haha^^

"happy Birthday to Youuu...Happy Birthday to Youuuu...
happy Birthday to You uhhh~~~~
happy Birthday to You~~~~~"

a birthday song for u....fuimeng~
wish u all da best and dreams come true
stay sweet + happy with eric ya^^

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

didi didi didi di di di ~~~~~~~~~

my heart beat....
hahhaha.....almost fainted!!!!

fine...i can handled with that....
since there is much more i learnt before...
yeah...ppl said is true..
all i heard also is a truth!!!
i believe that!!!!!



HAPPY all malaysian!!!!
today i hv no "PUBLIC HOLIDAY"
i m not going for study, not going for work...
i help my dad work!!!wahaha...
without pay one....
fine, helping parents is a good act!
wahahahah....who called me is a -->Guai Lui...(vomit behind)^^ usual, my fren - Jivita did asked us visit to her house
emmm....i cant attend to her house, coz....helping my dad lo
HAppy Deepavali ya...Jivita
after hv my shower, i drive my car for car wash
Pearl white car --> Grey !!!!haha^^long time din send HIM go for BATH~
meanwhile, i look for Sam and hv a chat in his shop~
hehe^^in the evening
i follow my parents visit to their fren's house
actually, she is 1 of the customer of my dad
I'm suprised when she said that she saw me few times before~
in a Honda civic car...dunno which guy beside there...bla bla bla~
huh....i think i knw when was it~ a long time ago...
her son- kashid, is hyperactive, cuTe!!!
he treats us with a candy
and the liitle ( his cousin) is playing with him...
served by these DELICIOUS desserts
after half an hour, her neighbours (husband, wife and their child) are come for visit them
we hv a chat there
what a big SHOCKED was made us scream there!
their SON and that little gal were fall down
bcoz of that, the little boy's head was bleeding with blood!
two of them are crying. we all are in panic+ing!!!!
his parents quickly run home and send him to clinic...
hope that liitle boy will be fine><"
Blessing for you, boy!!!!
we hv to go home after that, coz there was a NEXT ROUND for us~
our neighbour's house
his son is celebrating 21st yr old birthday at the same time
we get our seat and hv our meal there...
their son~~~~
the special dolls with candies.... & my sis's meal~
a gift was given to guests...
we chat with our neighbours - Addixion, Anarcy and Jian Yi
we all always meet up when having such of GATHERING
hohoho....after awhile...
we r going to Addixion's house, just next to the party j~~
he loads the DVD ----- WANTED -----
yeah...finally i watched that! NICE ><"
since i missed out of it during showing period in cinema...
due to something happend that time^^
izzit this plant LOOK alike the WORD
--> "YANG" (chinese = goat^^)

Monday, October 27, 2008


Yu huhh~~~my new babe!!!! my laptop...^^
yeah...finally i bought it... (my Frenz, Tq for help ya!)
i hv spent 3days WALKED + SURVEY in LowYat
Fri=Seng, Sat=Hon, Sun=me...hahahaha^^
i went to Hon+Seng 's house after that~
sorry ya...coz i've disturb you two such a long time
and bcoz of that, u two cant eat PIZZA....hehe^^
using this exchanged with my babe (sakit hati><")
AH BOU !!!!!!!!
with 2GB "power" (hahahha~~~~)
yeah..the free gift from the sales person
hoho..we get 3 of that!
each of us get 1...

*** i get 1 more freegift!!!yippi..
Logitech mouse~~~ PINK 1~~~~
Tq Tq Tq!!!!
went to CENTRAL there...
MAIN reason........WAFFLE.......
the 1st time i go there (eveytime just heard "go central buy something" from others ppl...)
hahaha...actually that shop is owned by eileen's mother
so is a Family day...
they weren't there ><:::
HOHO....eileen...izzit ur shOp arhh?
yeah...we hv tried the KERAS wAffle + ur BuBBle Milk ShaKE!!!
waooo~~~i love this movie so muccchhh~~~~
my frenz hv booked ticket for this....
frankly said, the 1st moment i hv no interest at all to this movie
since i never watched the previous 1 (HohoHo~)
btw, that is really NIcE~after i watched it
Zac Etron and Vanessa Hydgens
both of them r Pro!i love the skills and the expressions of them
somemore they're charming and gorgeoussss!
walao ehhhh....wat a sweet couple....
Happy Deepavali!!!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

the Day I walked most...

Huh...early morning ady wake up
ask my Mama...about the laptop
help my Mama...sweep the floor

haha...Guai Lui izzit?NGEK NGEK....+_+''''swt
coz later i hv to go low yat..that's y....i hv to do all my stuff only can go...
emm...go with Hon, Seng and SumYee
I take LRT go there, since there is a traffic jam along the Midah there
i dropped myself at BdrTunRazak, and ask my sis drives the car home!

after passed all the station...
yeah~~~~i reached ady! HANG TUAH station!
FUUUUuuu...i walked from there to low yat..
damn tired la man!long time i din walk like dat since i always drive here and there
just take it easy!KEEP FIT lo!

looking for Hon at Viewnet service center
wat a place that i often go since i knew someone else
i've familiar with the location of that...Tq!
then we walk and do a "research" around the low yat many STEPS i hv walked....

luckily, i no need to walk back to HANG TUAH station
if not....sure die kiao kiao jor laa me~ n_n"
hon + seng them drop me there
FuiYoooo...wat a long Q in the station!
Ngek Ngek...i hv "STEAL" my dad's Touch'N GO when i came out from my house

DI DI....then i can walk in ady!(hohoho~~)

the scene in LRTstation and the way i go home....



at Night, my house area here having a PARTY for Hari Raya
just beside my house, all of the neigbours are attending for that
just a simple "party"
we eat in short time and run back home^*^
my sis and me....

my Dinner....


**** 8PM ****

the show started~channel 311 and 313
champion is going to................................ no.10 KELLY
really unexpected that she won that
well...she did well in the DANCING-----michael jackson
funny enough laaa~~~~i like it! haha^^
that's nice! just support MALAYSIA!

from left: Queen, LiNaa, Kelly, Lynn, Carine

good luck ya^^

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Friday...i have nothing to do
just wrap my another box! come my day will so bored?!!!!
Arhhhg~~~~~ me and my sis dye our hair again~
hoho...only spent RM10/person!
ngek price!
somemore...we r D.I.Y on that

huh~wat a pain came to me again today~
yeah..i admit that i m still K about that
sometimes i really hope i do not know about that
i wish i couldn't read those stuff
but y..?y r u come again?
i hv to pretend that i hv nothing at all in everytime!
however, the such pain cant even covered at all...
i felt that i m so stupid there...
huh...going to 4.15am soon
i cant feel the sleepy mode...

well~~~just continue with it!
my drama
get fun there!!!!!!^*^

Thursday, October 23, 2008


what a "special & shocked" day for me


i m rushing back home after lunch with my frenz at OUG
a silver MYVI in front of me drive damn fast~!
yeah..i hate the way he drives...very bababai..rude somemore!
then i just keep follow the speed with that MYVI zai...
i drive at 120km/h
that is considered as NORMAL speed for me~~~

that myvi suddenly slow down his speed...
Oh My God!!!!!
what....? a road block just there....

my heart going "BIP BOP BIP BOP...."
oh No~~~~+_+...
i hv no money laaa....
the policeman moves his red flag....shows with the left side...asks us park aside

I KENA BLOCKED!!!! that MYVI too

speed check~alamak~~~
my 1st time kena speed check since i'd get my license
i quickly take out my wallet...take my IC& license out...
keep my money(5xrm10) aside the door
then the policeman come over my way...
Policeman:" ah moi, ini hanya 90km/h, kenapa cepat sangat? kejar apa~~?"
me:" ehh....kejar.....kejar...masa~~~"
Policeman:" mau Saman??SAMAN??"
me:" tak mau boleh ah??(smile)"
Policeman:" berapa..?"

i fast fast put back 1 of rm10 into my wallet..
and then show to him

me:"ehh...hanya tinggal ini saja....hanya pelajar saja...(innnocent)
Policeman:" tak boleh! saman ahhh~~"

i get shocked....oh no...rm300 gone this time...
dunno how to tell my parents afterwards tim
then the SUPER nice Policeman shows me with the signal ( jalan )
at first...
i thought he is going to take down my details...
but he walk away from my car & move to that MYVI!
i look at him(have to confirm with that)
then he just ask me JALAN~
sure i drive away from spot looo~~~

dunno whether i'm HOU CHOI or EM HOU CHOI
i get blur that time.... then is saman or no saman leh?!
made me no idea at all..
just called a fren & told him wat was happend
after that...
just go ahead home
fetch my sis up and go BANGI!

we get lost in somewhere else... lost in UPM
wao.....the UPM really really really BIG there....
we ask for help from a taxi driver( while waiting for traffic lights)
finally we get to the "destination"!!!

nothing to do inside there....

RHB tat building...quite nice laaa....
i wait for 2hours long in the meeting room
almost fall in sleep...

next station=== Leisure mall ===
buy wrapping paper for wrapping my boxes!
planned to clean up my MESSY room in 2ml~( hoho....^^)
beh tahan of it already~ is 1 of the sample i hv done just now...


WED = moral class = pasar malam

huh...hv to go home after class 12.30pm

6.45pm~ go back to college again x_X...
JAM laaaa the traffic light there...
luckily, the lecturer also din say anything

in class...we hv discuss about the ways to solve the conflict
total= 6steps

bla bla blaa.....

during the time we'd nothing to do
hoho.....our DRAWING CLASS is going in d same time ^*^
yeahh...all those r draw by me+hon
NEW WORD i learned from Joyce!!!!hahhaa~~~~ ' pain Seven rice '
after class....PASAR MALAM!
wao....raining sis insist to go!huh~
finally go home...
i also dunno MO wat until now...3.20am....finished my 2nd blog!